Birth Center

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Birth Center

The Birth Center at Walton Regional Medical Center offers quality care to expecting mothers, newborns, and their families. Support for expecting mothers is offered through the entire pregnancy as well as post-delivery.

CuddleBugs arrives at Walton Regional Medical Center



Program for new moms really delivers                                               

Having a baby is a positively amazing and life-changing experience, and The Birth Center at Walton Regional Medical Center is committed to providing a variety of services for new moms who deliver at our hospital.  In addition to providing a beautiful, spa-like environment equipped with skilled and caring medical professionals and advanced technology, The Birth Center now offers CuddleBugs, a new maternity program designed to educate and prepare new and expectant moms for pregnancy, labor and delivery, and newborn care.

How Does CuddleBugs Work?

New moms have questions, and CuddleBugs provides answers from the earliest stages of pregnancy through post-delivery. We’ll make sure you have the tools and knowledge you need, the care and support you want, and the special attention you will appreciate to feel comfortable and confident at every stage.

The CuddleBugs program is free, and registration is easy – simply visit the CuddleBugs Web site at , click on Register, and provide the pertinent information including baby’s due date.  Once that process is complete, you will receive a welcome email, and then the benefits begin!

CuddleBugs program benefits include: 

  • Free monthly e-newsletters

  • Free Childbirth classes 

  • Local events and educational opportunities

  • Healthcare information for you and your new baby

  • Newborn gifts when you deliver at a WRMC, a Cuddlebugs hospital

The CuddleBugs monthly e-newsletters deliver relevant, up-to-date communication to new and expectant moms based on their due date provided during the registration process.  The e-newsletters are full of helpful information about baby’s growth and development, tips and hints for coping and relaxing, and medical news for each stage of pregnancy.

The  Web site also provides a vast array of helpful news and health information, along with information on ongoing events and educational programs – including childbirth classes – at The Birth Center. 

The most exciting piece of it all…baby gifts!  When that happy day arrives, each CuddleBugs mom receives a congratulatory bag of useful items and gifts for baby.

Childbirth Classes

The key component of the CuddleBugs program is education and support, and The Birth Center is dedicated to ensuring that everything gets off to a great start for you and your baby from the very beginning.  Of all the things you have to think about before your baby is born, the actual labor and delivery deserve your special attention.  The childbirth classes offered at The Women’s Center can help you with all facets of the birthing process and beyond.  Some of the classes include:

Labor and Delivery…

When you know what to expect, you can feel more at ease when labor begins.  We’ll cover the various stages and the progression of labor; techniques and interventions, such as pain control, positioning and pushing; also prenatal exercise and breathing techniques.

Newborn Care…

By the time your baby arrives, you can be a pro at caring for a little one. We’ll discuss diapering, bathing, comforting, feeding and basic healthcare along with the basics of newborn anatomy, physiology, growth and development.


A little learning can go a long way toward building your knowledge and comfort level.  Let us help make your breastfeeding experience a success by offering instruction, tips and techniques.  Breastfeeding support groups are also available postpartum.

The 2011 schedule of classes is as follows:

Childbirth Preparation

Walton Regional Medical Center, 330 Alcovy Street
7 pm to 9 pm


 August 2nd and 9th, October 4th and 11th, and December 6th and 13th.

Infant CPR & Child Safety

Walton Regional Medical Center, 330 Alcovy Street
7 pm to 9 pm

August 16th, October 18th, and December 20th.

Sibling Class

Walton Regional Medical Center, 330 Alcovy Street
7 pm to 8 pm

 August 23, October 25th, and December 27th.

The Happiest Baby on the Block…

Learn an extraordinary approach to keeping your baby happy and soothed while minimizing the sleepless nights, crying and extra stress.  Take the classes before or after your baby arrives up to three weeks postpartum.  Babies are welcome!

Join CuddleBugs Today!  


CuddleBugs is our special term of endearment for every baby who graces The Birth Center.  Now it’s the ultimate resource for new and expectant moms – designed to give you the guidance and support you will need to be the best parent possible.  We invite all new and expectant moms to go to and join the CuddleBugs program today…it’s positively great!

The Birth Center is located at Walton Regional medical Center, 330 Alcovy Road, Mornoe.  Tours of The Birth Center are available daily.  For more information on the CuddleBugs program, birthing classes, and the obstetrical services available, please call 770-267-1785. 

For more information, please contact: Walton Regional Medical Center The Birth Center 330 Alcovy Street Monroe, GA 30655  (770) 267-1785